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  2. Timothy
    Feb 05 - 6:09 pm

    “But one can’t really complain about the MacBook Air – weight-wise, thickness-wise, and everything else-wise.

    Except maybe for one thing: it does not have a Retina screen”

    Several other complaints (as much as I love the laptop, especially its quiet and fast operation off the SSD and incredible battery life)

    1. Aluminum chasis is COLD to the touch, especially in the morning, especially in winter.

    2. The HUGE bezel around the screen. A distraction and it makes the screen feel smaller.

    3. The *miserable* keyboard that makes one feel as if they are typing on a BRICK! It is horrendous, there is no travel to the keys, and it gives people finger aches and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    4. The high-resolution screen makes the text and menus too small to read. One has to jury-rig every program; tweaking zooms, and is still stuck with hard to read menus and text. It’s a major FAIL in the usability, accessibility, visibility arena.

    Other than that… :-)

    • Noemi Tasarra-Twigg
      Feb 05 - 8:45 pm

      That COLD chassis – thanks for reminding me! Although it does serve a purpose: wake me up in the morning so I can start working!!

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