Why Apple’s New iPhone Ads Miss the Mark

Just a little ahead of the potential announcement of the rumored iPhone 6S, Apple’s new “if it’s not an iPhone” advertisements represent the company’s newest sales pitch for its smartphones: an iPhone is distinct from every other smartphone on the market. But how well do these ads actually deliver that message? Apple’s “if it’s not […]


The Apple Watch is at its Best While Traveling

  There is no denying that the Apple Watch has had a dramatic impact on the daily lives of early adopters. Not only does it conveniently put notifications, emails, and text messages right on our wrists, it is also is a great fitness tracker, a wonderful way to navigate around town, and is a solid […]

making iPods

Why Apple Is Still Making iPods

In 2001, the iPod was absolutely revolutionary. Yes, there were other kinds of MP3 players, but the iPod was the first MP3 player that really captured the hearts and minds of the music-loving market. What made the iPod an absolute must-have device? Perhaps it was Apple’s unique marketing campaign. Or maybe it was those immediately […]


Why All Signs Point to Apple Working on a Car

There has been a lot of speculation lately about what Apple’s next big product could possibly be. There are rumblings of a new Apple TV being in the works of course, and a streaming television service too. We all know that there will be new iPhones, iPads, and possibly even Apple Watches in the fall, but […]