Top Accessories for Your Mac

If you’re just just dropped some serious money on a new Mac, whether be a super-portable Mac Mini, insanely powerful Mac Pro or a sweet iMac Retina with a 5K display, congratulations! You’ve made a potentially expensive but definitely worthwhile investment in your computer, and you can expect (at least) years of great performance. In […]

Apple's live TV service

Apple’s Live TV Service May Come Too Late to Compete

For years, rumors have swirled regarding Apple’s release of an updated Apple TV model. Despite receiving minimal updates, the Apple TV is streaming box has garnered pretty good reviews over the years, and Apple is now selling the box at the really competitive price of $69—that low price puts the newest generation of Apple TV […]

Silhouette of young man on the beach at sunset

Best New iOS Apps of this Summer

Summer is here and with it has come a whole host of exciting, useful and engaging iOS apps to help make things all the more fun. From apps connecting animal-lovers together, to breaking complex topics down more simplistically and educationally, this summer’s app releases have definitely been both broad and interesting. Here we take a […]

apple watch logo gate

Welcome the New Apple Issue: #LogoGate

It just never ends, does it? From #BendGate to #CresentGate, Apple users have found issues with their devices. I am surprised there’s no “gate” for frayed cables, actually. Or is there? In any case, there seems to be new Apple issue, this time with the Apple Watch, and it’s already being labeled as #LogoGate. The […]

long-term iPad Mini strategy

Apple’s Long-Term iPad Mini Strategy

For the past few years, the iPad Mini has gotten little love from Apple, and it seems like consumers either love them or hate them. Either way, the 7.9-inch Mini holds a special place and has a specific function for many people around the world, but throughout much of the Mini’s lifespan, the people who […]