Garmin has a secret product for Macworld

GPS manufacturer Garmin has a secret product that they’re going to unveil at Macworld 2008. The software is called “Bobcat” according to the Garmin Blog.

The blog post also mention “new Mac-compatible software and hardware” that Garmin will be showcasing. There is no official word on just what “Bobcat” or the new software and hardware will be – but I think it’s interesting to mention that “Bobcat” is mentioned in a separate paragraph from the other statement.

Could “Bobcat” somehow be for the iPhone? I don’t know – that’s pure speculation, but you can bet I’ll be checking by the the Garmin booth at Macworld to find out.


  1. It has something to do with Leopard 10.5. in Wikipedia. Maybe sombolic name for teh product. But after reading the wikipedia article, I can’t think a symbolic reason for the name “Bobcat”
    Maybe somebody else can…

  2. Bob is TomTom?
    Cat for Tiger/Leopard? :-)

  3. gps for iphone.

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