Leopard’s Text Edit icon has hidden “Easter Egg”

There are several “easter eggs” that have been discovered in Leopard so far…but this one is my favorite. The new Text Edit icon features the text from my favorite Apple ad campaign – the Think Different “Here’s to the crazy ones” poem.

Cool stuff…



  1. What other Easter Eggs are out there in Leopard–you mentioned it Michael, so let’s here them!

  2. @Bryan

    Off the top of my head, the first one I think of is the Windows “Blue Screen of Death” Icon, and the multi-page PDF docutments in Preview Trick (although that one might not be an Easter Egg as much as a kick ass function)

  3. What feature with multipage pdf’s?

    Also cool lil easter egg.

  4. @Steve

    Preview in Leopard has a multipage PDF feature. All you have to do is drag your images or documents into the drawer then hit save as PDF…if you have multiple pages, it will save it as a multi-page PDF.

    It’s pretty darn awesome.

  5. François says:

    One sentence in the new TextEdit icon isn’t exactly the same as in the Think Different ad campaign: « You can quote them, you can disagree with them, glorify of vilify them. »

  6. jay and silent bob says:

    suck my balls :)

  7. That’s cool!
    I thought there’s some subliminal message, it catches my eyes everytime I CMD-TAB.

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