iPod Bot in Transformers Movie

I just posted this over at Forver Geek, but I think you guys might want to know about it too.

The Decepticon known as Soundwave may be making an appearance in the new Transformers film…this time as an iPod.

The Mtv Movie Blog has the following quote: ”The Transformer that will steal all the scenes I would say is this little iPod thing, [it’s] crazy,” said actor Josh Duhamel. “It’s pretty cool. It’s like this crazy little 12-inch iPod that turns into this little killing machine.”

I doubt this is going to be an official Apple iPod…but if it is, MAN would that be cool…


  1. Michael says


    I agree that it’s probably not an official iPod…but I also doubt that the actor there was accurately describing the device…because I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a foot long mp3 player…


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