iPhone Clamshell Patent sure to get rumor mill stirred up


The latest Apple patent to be uncovered is described as a “dual sided trackpad”. It would have a translucent cover with a capactive, multi-touch trackpad that accepts input on either side and can activate controls depending on the pad’s position according to Electronista.

The primary interaction for a pad like this could be on a small handheld device. The pad could attach via a hinge and switch its functionality depending on whether it is open or closed.

The second interaction of the patent could apply to Macs that would have the dual trackpad replace the conventional surface on a notebook. A fully shut notebook could switch input ot the outside and use it as an external interactive display for checking things like e-mail, music, and other simple actions.

This patent is merely an idea from Apple, and one that way may NEVER see – but it doesn’t get much more “Star Trek” than this one – and you can expect this technology, which may not even exist yet, to be a main stay of Apple rumors from this point forward I imagine.

It’s a very interesting concept that I sincerely hope we will see one day. It seems like it could have a variety of very interesting uses.


  1. I hope it is not a clamshell phone. I can’t stand them. I think I might just try to do a 3d prototype of this as a laptop not a phone. I really can’t see apple making a clamshell, can you imagine the amount of people snapping it in half and wanting a refund?

  2. Alexandra says:

    Do you have any original rumors or do you copy everything from Palluxo.com and Electronista.com ?

  3. @Alexandra

    First – let me say that I’ve never even heard of Palluxo.com – but whatever.

    No, this is NOT a rumor site – and we don’t have “original rumors”. I don’t post on rumors that are sent to me via email because I’ve never had a “source” prove to me that they are legitimate.

    If you want “original rumors” you’ll have to look somewhere else.

    I do, however, write about Apple news – which is what this is.

  4. @Alexandra

    WTF is an “original rumor”? News is news. If something happens and CNN posts it, you can be damn sure that you’ll see it on Reuters. Get the stick out of your butt and put it in the right place. You seem pissy for no reason.

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