I Am Steve’s Black Turtleneck

Want to be Steve Jobs- or just dress like him? Steve’s black mock turtleneck, paired with classic Levi 501s, is so famous that there’s a website dedicated to it, and a “Hello, My Name is Fake Steve Jobs” iteration (sort of a mock mock turtleneck?) as well.

Apparently, the real turtleneck is made by St. Croix, a men’s clothing company, and retails for $165 a pop:

Apple fangirls don’t need to feel left out either- in fact, we have a lot more (and a lot more stylish) options when it comes to black turtlenecks. This one, by Three Dots at Neiman Marcus, for instance:

And if the black turtleneck doesn’t do it for you, you can always dress Steve up any way you like at The Joy of Tech.


  1. me says

    it’s a lame shirt. but the price tag is normal for those of us who don’t shop at target or walmart and actually care about what we wear.

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