10 Ways to Trick out your Mac

apple-logo.jpgCustomizing your Mac is easier than ever these days. I started combing the web looking for new ways to “trick out” my Mac, and found these 10 links. They offer a variety of ways you can make your Mac your own, increase functionality and ease of use, and Pimp out your UI.

Pixel Press Icons – 120 of the most beautiful icons on ANY OS that you can download and use for any of your programs.

Super OS X Menubar Items – 80 + ways to customize your Menubar, including DiggUpdates, Del.icio.us bookmarks, Desktop customizations, systems watching tools, and much, much more.

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts – From Apple’s official site…complete list of the keyboard shortcuts available in OS X.

Automator World - “…a clearinghouse of user-contributed Workflows and Actions, as well as Automator information, news and tips.” Great resource for Automator Users.

MacDesktops – Hundreds of Mac Desktop Images for you to download.

NeoOffice – So you have Open Office on your Mac, and you like it a lot…but you don’t LOVE it because it just doesn’t look like it belongs…well, NeoOffice is your solution! The NeoOffice Aqua Beta is finally available for download.

Pimp My Safari – Over 60 plugins and extentions for the default OS X browser, Safari.

CenterStage – “CenterStage is the Media Center Application that allows you to use the digital content stored on your Apple Macintosh computer & play it in a more comfortable enviroment such as your living room using any standard Televison set.” An Open Source FrontRow alternative

Undercover – Theft recovery software from Orbicule.

Unsanity Apps – A collection of free, and commercial Apps to tweak and protect your Mac.

Got anymore good sites or apps for “tricking out your Mac”? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. I have a few Mac Icons I’ve been working on



  2. Is this really tricking your Mac ?
    I had a Mac way back with system 7 and it is still light years ahead of Windoze.
    You can fool most of the people some of the time.

  3. For a newbie, this list really helps out..thanks!


  4. Many of the items on the “super OS X Menubar items” page are pay-for-use programs that just do things already built into OS X. “WindowFinder” is a $10 apple+tab menu. “Amnesty” is $20 when you can just drag widgets to the desktop for free! Just hold down your mouse on the widget while hitting f12.

  5. Dude, theres a great video for the iAlertU thing here http://www.uberchannel.com/channel/939
    Kinda interesting, but would anyone buy this?

  6. I been digging http://www.supersync.com/ music library merging software…

    But for true pimping, get a 30″ monitor and some hi-rez desktop images..

  7. there is a large collection of Mac icons, ShapeShifter themes (unsanity) and high resolution desktops at http://interfacelift.com/ i have it setuyp as my default homepage

  8. Scott Pargett says:

    MacDesktops.com is an ‘effin’ eyesore. Don’t even waste your time there. Its promotes terrible visual aesthetics from amateur (at best) designers/photographers.

    Check out http://www.interfacelift.com

  9. http://www.macstyles.com – freakin’ awesome! :)

  10. Not A Member says:

    The Iconfactory, all you need for the life you lead. Candybar is a must for pimping.

  11. Great list!! Especially for a Mac newbie this helps a ton. I’ve been scouring for apps and your list had apps I haven’t seen before. Thanks. =)

  12. As a side note, it would be cool to see a few apps listed that let you change the total look of the Mac. On Windows I use WindowBlinds and I haven’t been able to find the right app like that for Mac.


  13. […]10 Ways to Trick out your Mac[…]

  14. I’ve compiled a similiar list at http://www.MacBookSpecifications.com There were some sweet aestetic features on this list though.

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