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  1. krye
    Aug 13 - 2:12 pm

    Hum, free? What about the $60+ that users are already paying a month?

    Would this be over Wi-Fi for the people that let the first month of the “pay as you go” plan run out and be left with an iPhone w/o the iPhone thing?

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  3. Michael
    Aug 13 - 3:01 pm


    Oh, stick it fella.


    YES – FREE. The calls made with SKYPE from one user to another ARE FREE. THEY DO NOT COST MONEY. NO MONEY = FREE.

    Obviously, you have an iPhone monthly bill…if you use Skype to call your friend in Europe from the US, and you do it through SKYPE – you WILL NOT be CHARGED for the CALL.

    So…FREE – in ALL CAPS.


    I say again…FREE.


  4. Michael
    Aug 13 - 3:02 pm



  5. krye
    Aug 13 - 4:12 pm

    Ah, I get it…. FREE! I wasn’t thinking about the international aspect.

    Wait a minute…..while we’re on the topic……are iPhone to iPhone calls free?

  6. Michael
    Aug 13 - 7:33 pm


    Yes, they are.

    You get unlimited mobile to mobile calls for people in the At&t network.

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