Three Books on Steve

We recently reported that Steve Jobs has finally agreed to an authorized biography, written by former Time magazine editor Walter Isaacson: The book, which is in the early planning stages, would cover the entire life of Mr. Jobs, from his youth in the area now known as Silicon Valley through his years at Apple. (source) […]

iBook Reading: Steve Jobs Reported to Authorize Biography

The story of Steve Jobs is inspirational, but it’s never been told from his side. Sure, there was that weird movie a few years back, and then the few unauthorized biographies, but now, according to the New York Times, Steve-o is now ready to help out with an authorized biography of his life. From the […]

Steve Jobs Still On Track to Return in June

According to Apple board member Arthur Levinson Steve Jobs is still on track to rejoin the company as CEO in June. At a stockholders meeting on Weds (the first that Steve Jobs has not attended in the last 10 years) shareholders expressed their concerns about Jobs returning to his duties full time. The Apple board […]

Steve Jobs nominated for Disney’s 2009 Board

Steve Jobs has been renominated to serve on Disney’s board of directors according to the company’s 2009 proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Jobs is the largest individual share holder in Disney with 7.4% of stock. He acquired that, of course, through the Disney/Pixar merger. There is a good chance Jobs will be […]

VIDEO: One of my favorite Steve Jobs lines ever.

There’s a lot of ongoing talk and speculation about Steve Jobs current health, which is to be expected after the announcement from earlier this week. I’m not interested in writing about that. We all know the situation and anything beyond what we’ve heard from Jobs himself is speculation at this point. I decided, instead, to […]