Anyone else sick of talking about DRM?

You know, this is always a slow time of year for the Apple online community.  We’re in the place between Macworld and WWDC…in alot of ways it’s like the eye of the Apple yearly hurricane. So when something happens that might remotely be interesting to talk about, the Apple community (and the tech community in […]

How Stupid do you have to be to work for the RIAA?

Seriously…this is just hard to understand… Aparently, the fine folks at the RIAA misread Steve Jobs’ Open Letter “Thoughts on Music” post yesterday. According to Engadget, the RIAA issued a response today stating that Jobs’ offer to license FairPlay was a “welcome breakthrough” that would be a “real victory for fans, artists and labels.” The […]

Norway Responds to Jobs’ “Thoughts on Music”

MacNN is reporting on Norway’s response to Steve Job’s open letter to the music industry that was posted yesterday. Senior advisor Torgeir Waterhouse of the Norwegian Consumer Council has this to say: “We’re happy to see Steve Jobs take on the responsibility that follows from Apple’s role as one of the leading companies in the […]

WWDC 07 Scheduled for June

Apple Insider is reporting that the 2007 World Wide Developer’s Conference will be held at the Moscone West convention center in downtown San Francisco from June 10th thru June 15th – with Steve Job’s Keynote scheduled for Monday, June 11th. If this is true, it may give us some clues as to when we’ll actually […]