Expect G3 iPhone hysteria between now and June 9th

It’s that time of year again, and you can see the rumor mongering engines igniting with all the passion and fervor that comes with a Steve Jobs keynote. What’s interesting so far this year, is that there is no “crazy apple product” being rumored for WWDC 2008. No one has “leaked” images of an iWatch, […]

Lux claims to bring Full-Screen Multitouch to your Mac

If you’re looking for an iPhone-like multi-touch experience on your Mac, the new open source project, Lux, might just be your answer. Gizmodo has interviewed the creator of this project, and – assuming this is all on the up and up – it looks like he’s created something very interesting. Here is a demo below: […]

Orange is bringing the iPhone to Poland – but how will they activate it?

Orange this morning announced that they are planning to bring the iPhone to Austria, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and Orange’s African markets later this year. Now, obviously this further confirms that the iPhone is going to be offered to multiple carriers in certain parts of the world, but […]

Apple accidentally reveals iPhone 3G Chipset

According to some exploratory work by ZiPhone.org, Apple has revealed the chipset that will be used in the 3G iPhone. If these reports ring true then the 3G iPhone will be using the Infineon’s SGOLD3 “3.5G” processor. This new Infineon hardware will not only add 3G over HSDPA but will also run at 7.2 megabit […]

What will it take for you to buy a new iPhone?

Rumors are flying this morning about Apple ordering 10 Million 3G iPhones. The source is about as accurate as my left foot would be at guessing these things, but that’s beside the point of this particular post. We all know that Apple is gearing up for a 3G iPhone, and we all know that it’s […]

Does Apple really need to move to Blu-Ray anytime soon?

There has been some talk over the weekend about why Apple hasn’t yet moved to adding Blu-Ray drives to its computers. Some seem to think that now that the “format war is over” that Apple should be saddling into the Blu-Ray bandwagon (which they originally committed to at the start of the Blu-Ray format) and […]

WWDC 2008 mailer confirms dates, raises questions

Apple is already busy making plans for June, and the rumored dates of June 9th through the 13th have been confirmed as the official days for WWDC 2008. The image that Apple sent out features the Golden Gate Bridge – or rather 2 Golden Gate Bridges – going in two different directions. This has already […]