Unicorn Tablet to be Verizon AND AT&T?

I couldn’t leave you guys alone for an entire weekend without a unicorn, right? There’s been talk for a long time now about the wireless connectivity of the Unicorn Tablet, and most of the talk has been around Verizon, mainly because most people are pissed with AT&T’s service. But that’s never made sense to me […]

Wall Street Journal Claims Tablet in January

Well, it’s official. Put aside your shiny coins and get ready to exchange them for a fancy piece of hardware, because the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the new Apple tablet device is coming out in March.  Of course, the article is pretty vague: 10-11 inch touch screen, two different material finishes, and as […]

Back up the Morton’s Truck: iSlate Specs in the Wilds

Thank god I’m wearing my rubber underwear. Phonearena.com is reporting that they have the first pics of the Apple iSlate, as well as the fancy OS that it’s going to be running. Here’s the specs: Running OSX Clouded Leopard Widget based homescreen Browse & Download apps from the App Store Up to 2x faster to […]

More Signs Point to June iPhone Update

We’re all pretty much in agreement that a new iPhone is coming in June. Still, it’s nice to get more solid evidence to indicate that that line of thinking is the truth. Now, according to the Commercial Times, we do have even more proof through their report that components from Taiwan-based suppliers have begun shipments […]