Patent RUMORS: 3D Multiple Dashboards on the way?

Patent filing revealed yesterday that we might see a new Dashboard in the near future.  The design suggests that we could have multiple Dashboard screens that we could switch between, both in 2D and 3D. This “multidash” set up sounds like something that we might see in Leopard based on the fact that Dashboard is […]

RUMOR: Apple to Reveal Multi-touch in Leopard at NAB

usr/bin/geek claims to have information confirmed by several “others close to key Apple employees” that Apple will be unveiling a Top Secret Leopard feature at NAB – Multi-touch displays. From the article: As part of this monumental change we can expect to see up to 30″ Multi-Touch LCD Displays, 20″, 24″ and 30″ Multi-Touch iMacs, […]

RUMOR: Slimmer iMacs coming at some point in the future

I noticed a lot of odd incoming links today from Engadget and others to the Apple Rumor Generator that I created a short time ago, and I was curious as to why that was happening…well, after reading the rumor from Apple Insider, I can see why people are pointing to the ole generator… …”people familiar […]

More coolness from Google for the iPhone?

Loop Rumors is reporting on a new patent filed for by Google that can predict what you want to search for by analyzing what they are typing in a text message by taking into account the users location, previous searching / messaging history and even the time of day. This could be a very cool […]

SPECULATION: Macworld UK thinks new Apple Products coming soon

Macworld UK has learned that supplies of several Apple products appear to be restricted now – but will be available in plentiful supply in two weeks. They also state that it’s “the typical pattern of drought seen in advance of significant product launches.” While it is true that this situation could be a sign of […]

Software Spotlight: Feeder

If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from the problems I’ve had getting the podcast delivered this week, it’s that I don’t know enough about RSS feeds.  Luckily, however, I found this solution from Reinvented Software.  Feeder is an application for building, editing, and publishing RSS feeds on OSX. The interface is very similar to […]

Create Your Own Apple Rumor!

Often time our readers ask where we (and others) get Apple rumors from. We have decided to share our ultimate weapon – the ‘Create your own Apple Rumor’ Chart. You too can be an “inside source” with this amazing new handy dandy Apple Rumor creation tool. You can use the chart to create top notch […]