RUMORS: Apple Music Label and iPhone Copy and Paste

Well it’s pretty much inevitable that between now and Macworld we’re going to see a ton of rumors from “reliable sources” with all kinds of crazy speculation. On today’s list, we have one pretty crazy rumor, and another that seems so long over due that it should already be real. First up the rumor that […]

RUMOR: Fox to be first to try iTunes Rentals+FairPlay DVDs

According to the Financial Times (registration required), Apple and Fox will enter a deal that will be announced at Macworld regarding iTunes Movie Rentals. The rental system will work much like other rental services like Amazon and the Xbox Live Marketplace. Let’s hope that if this turns out to be true, which I think it […]

Rumor Rant: It’s a Macbook – NOT a sub-notebook

I’m not a psychic, and I don’t have any inside information. I can’t tell you for sure what’s going to happen at Macworld anymore than anyone else can…but I have a strong gut feeling that all these sub-notebook rumors are off. Sure, it gets people going to the rumor sites. Sure, it gets people excited […]

If Apple did make an iTablet – who would use it?

It’s been a while since we’ve had any ridiculous Apple rumors, but Loop Rumors fixed that for us last Thursday with their post about a top secret Apple project called “iTablet”. You can see an “artists rendering” of the device above, but really there’s not much to “render” with this particular rumored device. It’s described […]

RUMOR: Some Developers getting Early iPhone SDKs

MacNN reports that according to its sources, some developers are getting early iPhone SDKs. Apparently, while still in the early stages the SDK resembles Google’s Opensocial in that it mediates between the programmer and the iPhone. Exact details on what the kit allows are unknown at this time, but it is clear that writing an […]

RUMOR: iTunes Plus to expand and get cheaper!

Ars Technica reports that we should be hearing some big news about iTunes Plus today. We haven’t heard much about them since EMI’s last report that they were “selling well”, but the rumor is that today Apple will not only expand the iTunes Plus program to include several indy labels, but they will also drop […]

RUMOR: Steve Jobs says Calender Updates to iPod Touch are coming

A post appeared on the Mac Rumors forums this weekend that is supposedly a transcript of an email correspondence between the poster and whoever answers Steve Job’s [email protected] email address. Of course, this type of thing is easily faked, but the poster has a long history with the site, and has posted over 6,000 times, […]