Get All of the Greek Gods Free App

This App is for all of the bookworms out there! Greek gods and mythology is cited in countless amounts of literature worldwide, so why not have access to all of them and instantaneously know exactly who they were and what they did for ancient Greece! The “Greek Gods Free” application literally frees up all of […]

Flash Messages and Get Noticed with the Blurb App

Across cities worldwide, on the bustling corner of Wall Street, inside the myriad baseball and soccer stadiums and on the walls of numerous campus libraries are digital signs that display blurbs containing every sort of news. Display your own news blurbs with the iPhone and the free “Blurb” application! How many times have the lighters […]

Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide iPhone App

“All tissues are not created equal!” says Greenpeace. “Americans could save more than 400,000 trees if each family replaced just one roll of virgin toilet paper in their home with a roll of recycled.” Wait a minute…what? One does not have to be a devout tree-hugger to know that trees are worth saving, that is, […]

iRecycle Any Day Anywhere

The ease of recycling just got…easier? Welcome the free “iRecycle” application for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Placing glass and plastic in the old Kirby can outside one’s door is simple, and it’s only as much work as putting out the trash. Unfortunately, some people do not have a state-given recycling can, and others in […]

Lonely Planet London City Guide App is Free for Volcano Relief

Stranded in London as a result of the Icelandic volcano, well seek out the numerous fun sites in one of the world’s most beautiful cities with the “Lonely Planet London City Guide” application. With the flight cancelations across Europe, Lonely Planet is providing its “London City Guide” App for free until Thursday so that the […]

Top 100s by Year App Brings Hit Songs from 1947-2009

For a limited time Bing is offering its “Top 100s by Year” application for free on the iPhone! Get the Top 100 songs of each year from 1947 to the present! Whether there is a party that needs quality mixes, or just a music connoisseur that wants to remember that the Beastie Boys “Intergalactic” (#9 […]

Brain Trainer App from Luminosity

Some of the top minds in the field of neuroscience have come together to create a cognitive enhancement program to broaden the capabilities of the brain using…an iPhone? The “Brain Trainer” application has been constructed by personnel at top universities, including Stanford, UCSF and Berkeley, to quite simply put: challenge the brain to improve the […]

Official Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ’10 App is a Hit

Take a free swing and crush the fantasy baseball leagues with the ultimate real-time stat-tracking “Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball ’10” application for the iPhone! Touch everything with a thumb and receive player statistics, league leaders, league standings and of course the owner matchups for the current, past and future weeks. Real-time score updates are provided, without […]

SugarSync App Shares Near Limitless Data Between iPad, iPhone and Friends

Ever wanted to access all of the important files, pictures, business folders and even music from any computer, iPhone, iPod Touch and the newly released iPad? If the answer is yes then the “SugarSync” application is a must download on the iPad, iPhone, MacBook and desktop. A user can even stream their entire music library […]

World Customs & Cultures App Travels the World

Want to backpack across Europe, hike the Australian outback, or get around the South Pacific without starting riots? Then get to know the local customs and culture educate for the numerous nations across the globe with the free “World Customs & Cultures” application for the iPhone. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the world […]