OS X Quick Tip: Clean up your Dock using Folders

Your Dock can get out of hand quick. Sure you started out innocently enough, but then all of the sudden you had 25 Apps in there, and you only use a few of them with any regularity. There is a quick and easy way to clean this up, however….in fact, there are two ways. The […]

OS X Quick Tip: Secret Screen Capture Clipboard Copy Trick

Ok, you probably already know how to capture and image of your screen with your Mac. It’s Command-Shift-3. That will leave an image on your desktop, you can even hit Command-Shift-4, and get a little crosshair to select only a portion of your screen and do the same thing. BUT…if you’re like me, and you’re […]

OSX Quick Tip: Create Multipage PDFs in a Snap with Preview

UPDATE: This is a Leopard Only Tip. Sorry about that. Creating a multipage PDF document can be a pain in a program like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Lineform. It almost always requires some kind of work around, but there is a much simpler way to create multipage PDF documents on your Mac. Simply open Preview, […]

OS X Quick Tip: Speed up your system by cleaning up your Desktop

The Desktop is a great place to just drop stuff. I’ve found myself dropping so much stuff on my Desktop sometimes there will be 50 things on their before I really notice that it’s a mess. Beyond the mess factor, though, having that many things on your Desktop can really slow your system down….and if […]

OSX Quicktip: Search Photoshop Layers via Spotlight

If you’re a Photoshop user this is a pretty handy trick. If you have files saved in PSD format, and your text layers are still text (i.e. you haven’t rasterized them yet) then you can actually search for them in Spotlight, to help you find the right file. Pretty slick, huh?

OS X Quick Tip: Add Special Character Access to your Menu Bar

Accessing Special Characters on OS X (©, â„¢, £, ¢, ‰, Æ’, and so forth) can be done in a variety of ways, but if you use these special characters on a regular basis, you may want quick access to them through your menu bar. Here’s how you do it. Go to System Preferences>International then […]

OS X Quick Tip: Send HUGE Attachments with iChat

Sending large files to your friends can be a real pain. Just try emailing your friend a 20 mb files. Or 100 mb. Or 1 Gb. It ain’t gonna happen. But…if your friend is a Mac user, it’s no problem at all. In iChat, you can send files very easily. Just got to: Buddies > […]

OS X Quick Tip: Instant EPS to PDF with Preview

If you’re graphic designer, chances are you use EPS files quite a bit. The only problem with EPS files is that most of your clients probably don’t know what they are, or have the necessary applications to open them. So, you probably do a lot of converting to PDF or JPEG or whatever other format […]

OSX Quicktip: Finder has built-in FTP

Apple’s latest Pro Tip is one that I wasn’t aware of until today, but it should have been obvious I suppose… You can use Finder as an FTP client. Just open Finder, then in the menu bar under “GO” select “Connect To Server…” Enter the server location, and click “Connect”… If the server is password […]

OSX Quicktip: Check your download speed in iTunes

I download a lot of stuff from iTunes. I subscribe to more podcasts than I’ll ever be able to listen to, but I try anyway. With companies like Time Warner trying to put a cap on your download speed if you download an “excessive” (their words, not mine) amount of data, it’s important to make […]