Do you Want a Subsidized Macbook?

We’ve seen a lot of rumors about subsidized Macbooks coming soon. Basically you’d get a Macbook at a substantially cheaper price, but in return you’d have to sign a two-year mobile data contract with a company like At&t or Orange. Now, I’m very much against this kind of thing mainly because I think it’s setting […]

VIDEO: Keyboard working on Non-Jailbroken iPhone

This video above from TUAW is supposedly from a non-jail broken iPhone. There appears to be a small debate about whether that is actually true or not…but to me, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad to see an external keyboard working on the iPhone. When you combine the features announced for iPhone 3.0, external […]

Anyone else getting Sick of Netbook/iPhone Video Rumors?

I gotta say, I’m getting really sick of all the Netbook/iTablet and iPhone camera rumors. Even more so than previous rumors that have come along in the past. The “true” Video iPod rumor comes to mind – and even it was not quite as annoying as what we’ve seen recently. There is SO much speculation […]

The Top 5 Worst Apple Products of All Time

In honor of the new iPod shuffle I thought I’d put together a list of the 5 actual worst Apple products of all time. 5. Original iMac “Hockey Puck” Mouse The original iMac was an amazing machine. I have one. It still stands up today as a functioning Mac that is a capable beast. The […]

What do you think of the new iPod Shuffle?

The new iPod shuffle has been taking a beating online from a lot of people. Why? Well – mainly because its destined for the list of Apple’s dumbest products of all time. But seriously, the new iPod shuffle looks more like a gadget that someone would fake while mocking Apple than something that I would […]

High End iMac Becoming Hard to Find

Retailers are running out of the high end iMacs – which is a likely point towards an iMac refresh in the near future. Ars Technica has the nuts and bolts of how and why retailers are coming up short on the high end iMac, but the bottom line is that the 3.06GHz 24-inch iMac is […]