RUMOR: Blackberry Storm to be priced higher than iPhone

Now that companies have had time to really think about how to respond to the iPhone we’re starting to see some true competition emerge. The T-Mobile G1 is certainly a contender, and another device that has everyone talking is the upcoming Blackberry Storm. The device is RIM’s answer to the iPhone, and there has been […]

Does your iPhone make you less social?

I should start off by saying that I’m not a terribly social guy to begin with. That might seem surprising with the multiple blogs, podcast, and all of that – but I normally keep to myself. More and more, though, I find that I have my head down stuck in my iPhone – and it’s […]

Best Buy offers Scummy deal to iPhone Buyers

Geek Squad doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. To me, when I think of them, I think of people being charged a ridiculous amount of money for very basic services. Best Buy is always happy to find a very simple way to take people’s money – especially those people who think that computers and complicated […]