So just how long do you have to watch those iTunes rentals?

I still haven’t watched the copy of The Simpsons movie that rented last week, and I don’t plan to until the AppleTV update comes down the pipe (hopefully sometime this week)….so I haven’t tried this myself, but MacNN reports that if you watch a movie, and don’t finish it within the 24 hour period, but […]

More Video makes its way to the UK iTunes Store

The UK iTunes Video store is certainly not the cream of the crop of UK television, but Apple seems to slowly be adding content to it to beef the thing up. Just yesterday the UK iTunes Store was updated with the following programming: Wallace and Grommit Friends Wonder Woman V: The Complete Series Babylon 5 […]

NBC and Apple play kissy face over iTunes TV Downloads

You may remember the little spat that NBC and Apple had last year. It ultimately resulted in all NBC programming being removed from iTunes and got so out of hand that the companies shot insults back and forth from NBC CEO Jeff Zucker saying that Apple “destroyed the music business” and Apple even attempting to […]

Do you need iTunes 7.6 to upgrade to iPhone 1.1.3?

It looks like you may need iTunes 7.6 to complete your upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone software. I’ve gotten several reports that people are unable to complete the upgrade, and are getting a variety of errors because they have not upgraded to iTunes 7.6. If you’re trying to upgrade an having problems […]

Apple to Standardize European iTunes Prices

Apple today announced that they were planning to standardize the price of content in iTunes throughout Europe by lowering the prices in its UK store. What’s interesting about the this announcement, and the press release in particular (which you can read below) is that Apple makes it very clear that they are perfectly willing to […]