iPhone 6 – Could This Be Our First Meaty Hands-On Preview?

Pretty much since the iPhone 5s was released last year, there has been speculation and rumors as to what the next iteration of the iPhone will look like and what features it will contain. Search YouTube and you’ll find a plethora of either intentionally mis-titled and deceptive “leaked” iPhone preview videos that, even if they […]

Apple Launches iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

It’s a good week for Apple users who have been experiencing hardware issues. Yesterday, we reported that you might be able to get your frayed lightning cable replaced without cost. Today, we hear about Apple’s iPhone 5 battery replacement program. As it usually is with these hardware defects, Apple issues an announcement about a recall […]

Get the iPhone 5C for 97 Cents at Walmart

This is no rumor! Source Walmart is cutting its prices on existing iPhone models, obviously in preparation for the launch of the latest to be most wanted smartphone in the planet: the iPhone 6. CNET reports that a spokesperson for the major retailer has released information that starting Thursday at 9 a.m. local times, prices of […]

September 9 It Is for the iPhone 6 Launch

At least that’s what everyone says, based on the scheduled media event that Apple has announced. Naturally, expectations and the anticipation levels are reaching new heights with this announcement, together with analysts making their predictions about the event and the iPhone 6. ZDNet expresses its surprise at the timing, saying, “This took us a little […]

Pre-order a 24-karat Gold iPhone 6

Everyone’s got an iPhone these days, and if you don’t like the idea of having what everyone else has, then BRIKK has something for you: a 24-karat gold iPhone 6. Because a regular iPhone 6 is not good enough. BRIKK’s web site says that the gold iPhone 6 will be available in September or October […]