iPhone 6C Concept Trailer Might Make You Want to Have One

I’ve always been partial to the “normal” colors of the iPhone, especially the space gray. The darker, the better. This iPhone 6C trailer, however, has slightly changed my mind. Emphasis on slightly. While we don’t know whether we will see the iPhone 6C this year, the announcement (or lack thereof) of new iPhones will definitely […]

Is the iPhone 6S Coming in August?

Remember Ming Chi-Kuo? He’s the Apple analyst we told you about awhile back after he made some rather bold predictions about the iPhone 6S. He’s making headlines once again this week following a research note he wrote for KGI Securities, the investment firm that he works for. In the note, Kuo made what could be an even bolder prediction, […]

5 Awesome iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using

The iPhone promotes not just the technology, but also a lifestyle. As the phone is identified as a premium mobile device powered by high-performance hardware, what sets the iPhone apart from other smartphones in the market it is exclusivity. Once you have the iPhone in hand, you become part of an exclusive group of people […]

Apple Analyst Predicts iPhone 6S Features

As summer draws near the iPhone rumor mill is starting to kick into high gear once again. Every year about this time we begin hearing rumblings about what we can expect from Apple’s next generation smartphone, with a number of sources speculating on exactly which features will, or won’t, make it into the final design. […]

This Tesla-inspired Case May Be the Case We’ve All Been Looking For

Smartphone cases about, with versions for practically any phone model, but have you ever wondered why case manufactures keep coming up with something new (aside from the fact that they need to make money). It wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that we’re quite far from the perfect smartphone case. But with the […]

‘Bobine’ Flexible iPhone Charging Dock: Good for Selfies Too

“The Gravity-Defying, MFI-Certified Charging Cable, Flexible Dock & Tripod” That’s how the Bobine flexible iPhone charging dock is described by its makers. Surely there is no shortage of charging docks for the iPhone, but the Bobine iPhone charging dock stands above the rest. Quite literally, too. This flexible iPhone charging dock has a USB Type-A […]