Myst Online: Uru Live Opens Today

Myst is one of my favorite games of all time. When the first version of the game was released in the 90s I found it to be incredibly ingrossing. Even though the series has evolved in ways that make me like it less than I used to, I can’t help but be excited about Myst […]

Mac version of Direct X from Nividia and TransGaming?

Seems like I missed this little bit of info last week…and boy is it good news… TransGaming and Nividia are teaming up to lay the smackdown on PC gaming on the Mac.  What they’re doing is essentially doing is creating a Mac version of Microsoft’s Direct X using TransGaming’s Cider engine and Nvidia’s CgFX graphics […]

Lego Star Wars II coming to Mac

UK developer Feral Interactive has made the announcement that they are porting Lego Star Wars II to the Mac.  The announcement was made at Macworld this year…but I missed it in all the hype about the iPhone. I’m a big fan of the Lego Star Wars series, and I’m pleased to see this version coming […]

Go Postal with the Postal Fudge Pack

The classy folks over at Running with Scissors have released an ultimate Postal Compilation called the Postal Fudge Pack.  The pack includes the original Postal game from 1997, along with the “Special Delivery” add-on levels.  It also includes Postal 2, including the multi player “Share the Pain” component, the expansion pack “Apocalypse Weekend”, and a […]

10 Games that SHOULD be on the iPod

The 5th generation Video iPod can not only hold thousands of songs, play your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and Podcasts – now, it can even play games. The Video iPod is in an interesting place as a gaming device. It’s a step above cellphone games as far as graphical capability and screen size are concerned, […]

Huge Collection of Apple ][ Games Playable Online

Okay, I admit it, I wasn’t around yet when the Apple ][ first hit the market in 1977. But hey, I’m still a sucker for old games. Somehow there’s something hypnotic in the simplicity of it all. Sure, you don’t get snazzy graphics and intelligent gameplay. However, the concept here is simple. Just. Play. It. […]

Christian game maker offers new titles for Mac

Digital Praise has announced two new titles for families looking for Christian themed games. Solomon Says for Kids: Volume Two: Amazing animals, and Dance Praise Expansion Pack, Volume 3: Pop and Rock Hits. They both cost $24.95 and are available for Mac OS X and Windows. The games are suitable for ages 7 and up, […]

Bone Act 1 Released for Mac

I’m a long-time comic book fan, and have been a huge fan of Jeff Smith’s independent title “Bone” since it’s first issue was published in the early 90s.  So, I’m very pleased to see MacNN reporting that Vanbrio Entertainment has finally released Bone Act 1: Out From Boneville for Mac.  The game is the first […]