RUMOR: “Premium Games” section coming to the App Store?

The latest Rumor spinning around the Apple section of the web is focused on the idea that Apple might create a “Premium Games Section” which would focus solely on Corporate Publisher games that cost $19.99. The section, if it appears, would help to make sure that the Corporate produced games with large budgets take precedence […]

EA announces “Spore: Galactic Adventures” Expansion Pack

Electronic Arts has announced “Spore: Galactic Adventures”, a new customizable expansion pack for the recently released game. Players can choose from a variety of adventures all of which have been created by the team at Maxis. Space creatures can be upgraded with 32 new accessories, including Energy Blades, Stunning Charm, Jump Jet, and more. The […]

Cartoon Network to launch MMO on Mac

Cartoon Network will be launching its massively multiplayer online game “FusionFall” today. The game will cost $5.95 per month, and a box version will be released for $19.95 that also include 4 months of play. The game will feature many characters from Cartoon Network’s original stable like Ben 10 Alien Force, Dexter’s Laboratory, Foster’s Home […]

iPhone Software Spotlight – Moonlight Mahjong

There are a ton of Mahjong games for the iPhone. Almost all of them are the traditional top view Mahjong games that have been on PCs. Macs, and mobile devices for a decade or more. Moonlight Mahjong is different than all of those. This game is a completely immersive 3D version of Mahjong…and sure, there […]

Review: “Spore” for Mac – part one

I think its safe to say that Spore is one of the biggest game releases for the Mac in a very long time – some might even say ever. There has been a great deal of build up for this title, and with hype like this, sometimes its hard for a game to live up […]

Wingnuts Moto Chaser, Super Monkey Ball updated for iPhone

Two large developers released major updates to their initial iPhone offerings this week. First up is Freeverse who updated their Wingnuts Moto Racer game (which has been renamed Wingnuts Moto Chaser) to version 1.1. The update adds additional music tracks, a pause functionality, and moves the punch button to the right side of the screen. […]