NBC Vs AppleTV

When Apple decided to make the push to 99-cent rentals on the AppleTV and other iOS devices, I thought that was a pretty good plan. After all, I don’t ever purchase a DVD or download of a TV show unless I really love it, and even then, it’s rare. So for 99 cents, I could […]

AppleTV Versus Built-Ins

I was over at my folk’s house the other day, and the subject of the new AppleTV came up. He says to me, “You know, I was at Best Buy the other day, and they have these Samsung TVs with apps built in. Why would I buy an AppleTV?” Admittedly, that’s kind of a tough […]

OG AppleTV Gets the Shaft

When the new AppleTV was announced, I was pretty excited – obviously – but then I started to wonder about what this meant for my original AppleTV that was housed in the living room. The UI looks the same on the new version with just a few changes, so wouldn’t it make sense that there […]

New AppleTV Coming Soon?

Oh, the AppleTV. I have one myself, and although I do appreciate its usefulness, it’s not quite everything that I was looking for. I’d like 1080P resolution, and a bit more flexibility with my library. But alas, that’s not set to happen anytime soon, so I just deal with it until I buy a Mac Mini […]

More AppleTV Speculation

Engadget also suggested said that the next-gen Apple TV will essentially be an iPad without a screen, using the same hardware, including the CPU, OS, and 16-Gbytes of flash memory. To accommodate the smaller storage, Apple will emphasize streaming content, the report said. For a project that’s known as Apple’s “hobby,” the AppleTV sure has gotten a […]

Quality Customer Service – MonoPrice.com

Santa was good to the Whipps family this year. Although I didn’t get everything I wanted, the biggie was right there under the tree: A shiny, PS3 slim. I’m a bit of a console nut, and so is my wife. We have every Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony console ever built, and even a Sega Genesis […]