New Wireless Keyboards in 3-5 Weeks?

I have to admit to being fairly impressed with the new designs of the iMac, and while pretty much everything mentioned was available right after the town hall meeting, the wireless keyboard isn’t ready yet. The online Apple Store is showing wait times of 3-5 weeks for the lighter, fancier Bluetooth keyboard. Do we complain […]

Apple Store went down…came back up…nothing new…

Early this morning the US and Canadian Apple Stores went offline and were replaced with the famous sticky note that reads “We’ll be back soon.” Of course, with this being a Tuesday everyone on the web got excited and new iMacs or new iLife release speculation filled the comment boards of major blogs and forums. […]

Apple drops Cinema Display Prices

Apple dropped the prices of their Cinema Displays today, in addition to introducing the quad and 8 core Mac Pros. The new pricing is as follows: $599 – 20″ Cinema Display $899 – 23″ Cinema Display $1799 – 30″ Cinema Display Now, the question is…what is the reason for this price drop? Could they be […]

HUGE iPhone Ad adorns the Apple Cube in NYC

I’m already beginning to think that by the time the iPhone actually gets here, we’re all going to be sick of hearing about it, seeing it, or talking about it…but the media onslaught of the upcoming iPhone continues, as Mac Rumors has pics of a giant advertisement for the new device mounted on the Apple […]

Apple updates refurbished products

Apple has updated their available refurbished products, including more Intel-based iMacs and completely removing the G5 iMac. Some of the products for sale include an Intel Core 2 Duo for $899 with 512MB of memory, a 24x Combo drive, and a 160GB hard drive – and a Refurbished MacBook 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo with 13.3-inch […]