IMAGE: An Apple Store opens up in LEGO Land

The Austin Maker Faire here in Texas has a lot of really cool stuff to look at. So much so that you can miss the small stuff sometimes. Luckily, an eagle-eyed photographer caught this little gem – an Apple Store has apparently opened up at the miniature main street created by the Texas LEGO User […]

The Apple Store is down…

It begins… Stop giggling. We still have hours to go. It’s common for the Apple Store to go down before any Keynote, and it doesn’t guarantee us that the new iPhone will be available today. It might be available for purchase today, but ship down the road – it might not even be what shows […]

Big Surprise…The Apple Store is DOWN!

No wait…that’s not a big surprise…in fact, that’s the biggest UNsurprise of the year. 😛 As you would expect, the Apple Store is down, waiting for all the new goodies that our old buddy Steve is going to have waiting for us after the Keynote. Speaking of the Keynote, live coverage begins in just over […]