Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” IMPULSIVE REVIEW

The revolutionary sound system has arrived! It has a name, it has a subwoofer, it has tweeters, it has wireless-integrated technology, it has superior sound, it has pure qualitative quality: it is the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” music system. In an age that has adopted digital music, the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” cannot be overlooked, or go […]


The “iDropDead FE” application for the iPhone is a game involving the brutal beating, dismembering, breaking and decapitating of cartoon bear rag-dolls. The physics puzzle game appeals to a certain taste, as one must smartly choose which flick of a thumb will send the cartoon bear on a path to shred its body as much […]

Get “Boxed In 2” an IMPULSIVE REVIEW

Pick up an iPhone and get “Boxed In 2” for just $.99. The full version of the “Boxed In” sequel is packed to the gills with 50 more levels of box-moving madness! Soon to be a #1 seller in Apple’s App Store, “Boxed In 2” is an amazing array of everyone’s favorite box-moving robot at […]


Turn your iPhone sideways and peel out! The 2010 Real Racing Game, “R. Racing GT” gives the player a graphically spectacular experience. The free version of the application provides a limited array of vehicles to start, VW hatchbacks, but the detail of the cars and the tracks is breathtaking. The game is played with the […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Trapster” Application

“There is a police checkpoint up ahead, baby!” shouts the voice of Austin Powers. The free App “Trapster” turns any iPhone into a GPS police locater. Keep an eye on speed traps, red light camera’s, speed camera’s and police checkpoints, before they get more than an eye on you! The must have application is available […]

The Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” Lays Claim to Revolutionizing Home Audio

Sonos has just announced the upcoming release of the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5,” an all-in-one wireless music system that functions with the iPhone via a free “Sonos Controller” App. Could this revolutionize the way we listen to music? The “S5,” due out in late October, transcends the idea of the traditional iPod (or iPhone) “dock” as […]


“Today, I was in the supermarket and I see this little boy…ask if his mom knows where he is. The boy turns around and turns out he was actually a very angry midget. FML.” This was the posting that greeted the user of the “FML” App upon opening it. The “FML” application is free for […]

“WordWeb” For the English Major with an iPhone!

As an IMPULSIVE REVIEW looks closely at a dictionary and thesaurus application called “WordWeb,” one can rejoice! A free App is available on the iPhone for the English major, professor, writer, or enthusiast who is on the move, and who is measuring life with coffee spoons, to paraphrase a line of T.S. Eliot’s “The Love […]


Sensationally sexy, Ms. PAC-MAN! The application “Ms. PAC-MAN” is one of those rare addictive and insatiable games that are offered on the iPhone, and worth paying for. For $2.99, the full version App is available, and highly recommended. Although there is a “Lite” version of “Ms. PAC-MAN” available to download on the iPhone for free, […]