Apple iPhone 3.0 Event LIVE DISCUSSION

Later today Apple will be revealing the details of what’s in store for the iPhone 3.0 OS. While Apple Gazette will not be at the press conference covering it live, I will be here watching it live on the web, and we will have a live discussion going on during the event. I will be […]

5 Predictions for the iPhone 3.0 Event

NOTE: Kevin Rose started talking iPhone 3.0 predictions at the live Diggnation taping this weekend and let a few things out of the bag that are very likely to happen. I had these 5 predictions in mind before reading that article, but there’s no way of avoiding it now…so take them for what you will… […]

The Top 5 Worst Apple Products of All Time

In honor of the new iPod shuffle I thought I’d put together a list of the 5 actual worst Apple products of all time. 5. Original iMac “Hockey Puck” Mouse The original iMac was an amazing machine. I have one. It still stands up today as a functioning Mac that is a capable beast. The […]

Apple Lays off 50 Sales People

Apple has quietly laid off 50 sales people at Cupertino. The reasoning behind it is reported to be due to a shift in the way Apple plans to attack enterprise sales. The number of layoffs was not large enough to legally require a public announcement, so Apple has been keeping quiet about the situation, out […]

Steve Jobs Still On Track to Return in June

According to Apple board member Arthur Levinson Steve Jobs is still on track to rejoin the company as CEO in June. At a stockholders meeting on Weds (the first that Steve Jobs has not attended in the last 10 years) shareholders expressed their concerns about Jobs returning to his duties full time. The Apple board […]

Will We Ever See a New Mac Mini?

This weekend there have been images and video of a new Mac Mini online (neither of which I can post from my iPhone…which I am blogging from at the moment). From what little I’ve seen from it, this looks fake to me. The design is too close to the original Mini’s to be real. Apple […]

Apple Posts 2 Major Security Updates

Apple released two security updated yesterday. The first was aimed at Java related issues, and the second is a broader security update that addresses the Safari RSS vulnerability that made so much noise a few months back. The updates are recommended for all users, and you can get them by simply clicking “Software Update…” under […]