De-stress the right way: 9 ways to blow off steam

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We live in a hectic world where every day feels like a never-ending battle. Sometimes the stress gets to us so much that it feels like we might break down soon.

Sadly, many of us don’t know how to unplug from this topsy-turvy life. Most people choose sleep as their means of relaxation, but sleep alone is not enough to help recharge one’s battery.

If sleep was enough, why do you still feel tired sometimes after hours of sleep? The fact is, there’s more to de-stressing than sleep. And today, we’re going to show you that.

In this post, you’ll learn how to de-stress properly.

9 ways to blow off steam

1.       Spend your evening at a relaxation spot

After the hectic day at the office, don’t drive home. Instead, make a stop at the nearest entertainment centers near you and have some fun. Spending a few hours away from the pressure of work and family can help your body and mind immensely.

Flashback to the few times you went clubbing with friends or the nights you went out to drink at a bar; how worry-free did you feel on those occasions? I’m willing to bet those times are among the most relaxing moments in your life.

Indeed, entertainment hubs and relaxation centers are great places to be after a hectic day.

2.       Visit a stadium

Someone once asked me, ‘how do sports fans manage to go to work all day and still find the energy to go to stadiums to scream and sing at night?’ I answered and said, ‘because these events help them de-stress.’

And that’s true. For sports fans, the few hours spent at sports grounds can help one forget a whole day of stress. Incidentally, this sentiment is science-backed. According to several studies, watching sports is equivalent to a moderate cardiovascular workout (such as a 90-minute walk).

Then there’s the ‘watching and cheering with others’ factor, which releases stress-relieving hormones.

If you’re not lucky enough to visit an actual stadium, you can visit your kids’ evening sports games in school. Many high schools and colleges organize such events.

3.       Go to the movies

Like stadiums, cinemas are also a great place to relieve stress.

Visiting a cinema means you have to concentrate 100% on just one action – the movie on the screen. Doing that helps to erase the mental imprint of any lingering work-related stress. Besides that, there’s also the emotional rollercoaster that comes with watching movies, which gets you hyped up throughout a movie hour.

If you’re looking for a way to get away from work, family, or society-related stress, cinemas should be on your list.

4.       Use a stress reliever

Did you know there are tools people use to relax whenever they’re stressed or worried? These tools are called stress relievers, and they range from simple homemade items to medically-approved devices.

Below is a list of a few you can get right now:

  • Weighted blankets: This provides gentle pressure that makes you cozy
  • Aromatherapy diffusers: This delivers essential stress-relieving aromas into your environment
  • Massaging devices: This eases physical pain from stress
  • Coloring books for adults: This helps keep your mind engaged and distracted from your stressors
  • Gel masks: Gives the face a cooling sensation or a soothing relief, depending on which one you want.
  • Essential toys (e.g., balls, spins, puzzles, etc.) 

Bonus Tip: You can also use Onnit Alpha Brain as it can help you with enhanced mental processing, healthy stress responses, and will support overall well-being.

5.       Play video games

All we’ve discussed so far costs money – club, stadium, or cinema. However, there’s another method that doesn’t cost you a dime. I’m talking about a video gaming session.

If you’re the type that loves video games, playing can be a great way to blow off steam. As you return from work or your other engagements feeling jaded or frustrated, games can give you a different channel to vent your anxiety and stress-related worries.

Whether you’re playing against others or in fictional modes, video games present a fun way of letting out your anger, frustration, and stress.

6.       Get a fascinating book and read

Reading books can also be a great way to relax and immerse yourself in another reality. Of course, I’m not talking about academic or research books, which might further strain your mind. I’m talking about fictional stories, romance novels, travel literature, event magazines, and other exciting narratives that can help your heart wander away from the stress of your prevailing reality.

7.       Work it out

Exercising is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But it works. When you work out, your body releases negative energy and toxins from your body, replacing them with some feel-good hormones.

It may sound a bit counterintuitive to advise someone to work out when they’re clearly tired or stressed out. But trust me, exercises have a proven record of helping people blow off steam.

The belief is that when you work out, you make your stress work for you. And in return, your body gets blessed with a rich surge of morale-boosting adrenalin. In fact, many people argue exercise is the best and the most effective way to blow off steam.

8.       Have some good ‘ol sex

If you’re married or live with your partner, sex can also be a tool to de-stress.

But I bet you’re shocked to hear that.

I can understand why some people may find that hard to believe. Sex, as it is, is a physically-demanding activity. Asking you to get into such an activity when you’re trying to relax may seem like the worst advice anyone can give you. But like exercises, sex has a long history of helping people relax and de-stress.

While you’re having it, sex can help take your mind off your worries, anxiety, and everyday stress. The process releases endorphins and oxytocin – two feel-good hormones strong enough to combat any bodily stressors.

9.       Listen to music

Music is so great that it can help one forget their worries in a twinkle of an eye.

You can start playing music from the moment you set foot in your car. It can be a calming tune or an upbeat music, depending on your mood. The music will slowly calm your mind or get you in the mood to dance away your worries throughout your journey.


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