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Can You Use iPhone as an Apple TV Remote?

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Tired of searching for your Apple TV remote?
Good news!
Did you know that you can use your iPhone as a remote instead?
That’s right! With a few simple steps, you can have an Apple TV iPhone remote!
We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to set up and use your iPhone as an Apple TV remote. Say goodbye to lost remotes and hello to seamless control right from your pocket!
Let’s get started!

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Setting Up Your iPhone as an Apple TV Remote

convenience is critical, and what’s more convenient than controlling your Apple’s TV with your iPhone? Here’s how to set up your iPhone as an Apple Television remote.

Check Compatibility

Before diving into the setup process, ensure your iPhone is compatible with this feature. This functionality is available on various iPhone models, typically those running newer versions of iOS. To verify compatibility:

  • Check your iPhone model against the list of supported devices provided by Apple.
  • Navigate to Settings > General > About on your iPhone to check the iOS version. Ensure it meets the requirements specified by Apple for using the Apple Television  Remote feature.
  • If that doesn’t work, get back to the previous screen or

Ensure Both Devices are on the Same Wi-Fi Network

Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to establish a seamless connection between your iPhone and Apple TV. This ensures smooth communication and minimizes connectivity issues. Here’s how to ensure they’re on the same network:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select the appropriate Wi-Fi network to connect to.
  • Similarly, navigate to Settings > Network on your Apple Television and select the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

Install the Apple TV Remote Application

Once compatibility is confirmed and both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, installing the Apple TV App on your iPhone is time. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. In the search bar, type “Apple TV Remote” and tap on the app when it appears in the search results.
  3. Tap the “Get” TV button to download and install the app on your iPhone home screen.
  4. After installation, launch the Apple Television Remote Application from your iPhone’s home screen.

If you’re having trouble, click here.

Prerequisites and System Requirements

Before proceeding with the installation, ensure your iPhone meets the minimum system requirements for the Apple TV Remote app. 

Typically, this involves running a specific version of iOS compatible with the app. Refer to the app description in the App Store for any additional prerequisites or system requirements specified by Apple.

Check out the Apple TV here.

Using Your iPhone as an Apple TV Remote

Unlock your Apple TV experience’s full potential by harnessing your iPhone’s power as a remote control. Here’s a comprehensive guide on seamlessly integrating your iPhone into your Apple Television setup.

Launch the Apple TV Remote App

You’ll need to launch the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone to get started. Follow these simple steps to access the app:

  • Unlock your iPhone and navigate to the home screen/control center.
  • Locate the Apple Television Remote app icon, which resembles a black remote control on a white background.
  • Tap on the remote icon to launch it and initiate the remote control interface.

Pair Your iPhone with Apple TV.

Next, it’s time to pair your iPhone with your Apple Television. This step is crucial for connecting the two devices and enabling remote control functionality. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple TV Remote button.
  2. If your Apple TV is already set up and connected to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi network, the app should automatically detect it.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the pairing process. This typically involves entering a code displayed on your Apple TV into the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone.
  4. If the pairing process fails, ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and meet the compatibility requirements outlined earlier. Additionally, try restarting your iPhone and Apple Television and again attempt the pairing process.

Navigating Apple TV

With your iPhone successfully paired with your Apple Television, you’re now ready to explore its intuitive navigation features. Here’s how to use your iPhone to navigate through Apple Television menus:

  • Use swiping gestures on your iPhone screen to navigate left, right, up, and down through menus and options on Apple Television.
  • Tap on the Apple TV screen to select items or activate buttons.
  • You can easily enter text, such as search queries or login credentials, using the virtual app keyboard on your iPhone.

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Key Features and Tips

  • Take advantage of additional features offered by the Apple TV Remote app, such as Siri Remote integration for voice commands and accelerometer support for gaming.
  • Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts and gestures to streamline your navigation experience further.
  • Keep your iPhone charged to ensure uninterrupted remote control functionality during your Apple TV sessions.
  • You can open control center to control your TV screen on your home screen.

Advanced Features and Tips

Now that you’ve set up your iPhone as an Apple TV remote let’s explore some advanced features and tips to enhance your experience.

Using Siri with the Apple TV Remote App

If using our phone doesn’t work, don’t hit the power button just yet. One of the standout features of the Apple TV Remote App is its integration with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Instead of the power button, try Siri.

Here’s how to make the most of Siri commands through the app:

  • You don’t need control center or its TV button. Simply Press and hold the Siri button on the Apple TV Remote app to activate Siri.
  • Utilize voice commands to control various aspects of your Apple TV, such as playing specific movies or TV shows, adjusting playback settings, launching apps, and even searching for content.
  • Examples of useful Siri commands include “Play the latest episode of show name,” “Pause playback,” “Increase volume to 50% with volume buttons,” “Open Netflix,” and “Search for movie or TV show.”

Customizing Your Remote Settings

The Apple TV Remote app allows users to customize their remote Apple TV settings according to their preferences. Here’s how to tailor your remote experience within the app:

  • Explore the settings menu within the Apple’s TV Remote app to access customization options.
  • Adjust settings such as the behavior of the remote’s buttons, layout preferences, and gesture controls.
  • Customize remote shortcuts for quick access to frequently used features or apps.
  • Options for adjusting volume, changing settings, and accessing additional functionalities are available within the settings menu.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

You may encounter occasional hiccups while using the Apple TV Remote button despite its user-friendly interface. Here are some common issues users may face and how to troubleshoot them:

Connectivity issues

Ensure your iPhone and Apple Television are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Restarting both devices can sometimes resolve connectivity issues.

App crashes

If the Apple TV Remote app crashes or becomes unresponsive, try force-closing the app and relaunching it. If the issue persists, check for updates in the App Store or reinstall the app.

Unresponsive remote

If your iPhone’s screen becomes unresponsive or the remote controls stop working, check for any physical obstructions blocking the infrared sensor on your Apple Television. Additionally, ensure your iPhone’s battery level is sufficient for remote functionality.


Now you’ve got your iPhone working as an Apple’s TV remote—a real game-changer! 

No more hunting for that elusive remote; now it’s all in your phone. Just a few taps and swipes, and you’re navigating through Apple’s TV like a pro. 

Plus, with Siri’s help, you can boss your telelvision around with just your voice! So, kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows hassle-free. Say goodbye to remote-related stress and hello to smooth sailing. 

Moreover, let your phone be your trusty sidekick in the world of entertainment—easy, breezy, and always at your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my iPhone as remote for Apple TV?

Yes, you can! Apple provides a dedicated app called “Apple TV Remote” that allows you to control your Apple TV using your iPhone.

Can I remote TV with iPhone?

Absolutely! With the Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone, you can easily control your Apple’s TV, navigating through menus, selecting content, and even using Siri for voice commands.

How to connect Apple TV to iPhone?

To connect your Apple TV to your iPhone, make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then, download and install the “Apple Television Remote” app from the App Store on your iPhone. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to pair it with your Apple’s TV.

How can I connect my iPhone to Apple’s TV without a remote?

If you’ve lost your Apple’s TV remote, don’t worry! You can still use your iPhone as a remote. Simply download the “Apple TV Remote” app from the App Store onto your iPhone.

As long as both your iPhone and Apple’s TV are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can set up and control your Apple’s TV using your iPhone without needing the physical remote.

Can I use Control Center to use the Apple TV?

Yes control center can be used for your television. On the top right corner of your screen you can click the control center option and use the control center to change your television. In fact, the control center is the most simple way to do it.

Therefore, the control center is just one of many options we looked at.

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