AGTV mini – Quick Tip – Organize your Mail with Colors

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About this episode: A quick tip mini-episode showing you how to organize your email in Apple Mail using Colors.

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3 thoughts on “AGTV mini – Quick Tip – Organize your Mail with Colors

  1. Video stumbles and shows only on picture, doesn’t load properly on this side. The links to iTunes show just episodes 1-3 not this one. : (

  2. @Tice

    If the video isn’t playing properly it might be something with your system. I’ve watched in on a few different machines and its working fine here.

    Is anyone else having a problem?

  3. Hi Michael,

    Fine for me on iTunes.

    Quick question, watching the episode I noticed that your messages viewer window is on the right side instead of under the message list. Is that a special plugg-in or function? I can’t find a menu function in Mail to do it. This is pretty good for our wide screens.


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