The Best Tamper-Evident Packaging Materials For THC Products 

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 If you are selling some products that require attention to detail and higher protection, such as THC products, pharmaceuticals, and supplements, it’s crucial to have access to tamper-evident packaging materials. Ranging from shrink bands to induction seals, there are various tamper-evident packaging solutions available for THC cart packaging. At WeCustomBoxes, we have a wide range of tamper-evident packaging solutions available, and we can also help you choose the right one. 

With this article, we are sharing the best tamper-evident packaging materials that work great for THC products as well as their other applications and uses. So, if you are ready to take your THC packaging up a notch, we are sharing the details below!

Shrink Bands 

The shrink bands are commonly known as seal bands and are widely used as protective packaging, and have become a prime choice among people looking for tamper-evident packaging that’s constructed from plastic material. These are basically the small sleeves made from shrink film that’s shrunk around the product containers. In some cases, they are perforated to make sure users can take it off easily. The shrink bands are designed in a specific size of the container’s top to ensure sturdy packaging. 

For the most part, shrink bands can be seen on pickle jars, medical pill bottles, essential oil bottles, eye droppers, and cough medicines. However, their high protective properties make them suitable for packing THC products. The shrink band is made from soft plastic material that’s put around the cap of the product. Then, heat is applied to the cap’s rings through seamless shrinking of the lid-surrounded ring. For sticking the shrink band to the container, the heat gun and/or heat tunnel can be used. 

It’s one of the best tamper-evident materials and clearly shows if the product has been tampered with. Also, the perforated ends promise a better user experience because it’s easier to take off. The best thing about shrink band is that it eliminates wrap rage – the term used for higher frustration and anger levels the users feel when they are unable to open the packaging. 

Over Wrap

The overwraps are basically the plastic film pieces that are wrapped around the products and are put in place (basically, sealed) with the help of high-quality adhesives and heat. For instance, the cellophane plastic that covers the cigarette packs is an ideal example of overwrap, which creates an aura of cleanliness, quality, and protection. On top of everything, overwraps provide a great opportunity for business branding because they can be printed with colors, graphics, and text of your choice. 

When compared to shrink bands, it’s different in the sense that over-wrap is wrapped on the product, and once it’s set in place, the plastic flaps are tucked and sealed with the help of a specialized machine. On the other hand, the shrink film needs heat to be applied in a proper place. 

Lidding Films 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that tamper-evident packaging is incomplete without lidding films. They are widely used for packing yogurt containers and pain medications. For the same reason, they can be used to pack the THC products, so the product remains safe, and users can simply remove it to use the product. The lidding films can be made from bio-oriented materials along with metal and plastic, depending on the material. 

For instance, if you purchase THC products, the cap/lid could be plastic, while the bottle will have an aluminum lidding film. The lidding film has to be sealed around the product’s edges and can be removed by pulling the tab. The tab tends to come out from the lid, and when it’s peeled, it results in the removal of the cap from the product container. In fact, you can use modified atmosphere packaging to ensure the product remains fresh for a longer time (it’s widely used for veggies, fish, poultry, and meat). 

Re-Sealable Stand Up Pouches 

The stand-up pouch is another tamper-evident packaging option, and it has made its mark in the B2C market. For the most part, it was used by Capri-Sun kid drinks, but they have come a long way. It’s known for its flexibility. While it’s not recommended for THC products, it can be used to store hemp along with granola and candies. Since these pouches are re-sealable, you can take out the product and seal it again to ensure the product remains fresh. 

The best thing about these resealable stand-up pouches is that they can be customized with your desired design and vibrant colors to match your aesthetics. In fact, it takes less shelf space, so what more could you need? In addition to this, the environment-conscious people will like it as well since these porches don’t take up too much space. Not to forget, these pouches are child-proof, and its extensive application is a great pick-up point. 

Induction Seals

The induction seals are basically the packaging supplies that are constructed from induction heating of the thermoplastic materials. The induction seals are commonly used for pill bottles, and it’s made with multiple materials (most importantly, the combination of plastic, aluminum, wax, and paper pulp is used). However, it also has the plastic piece protruding from the container’s top, which can be gripped to take off the seal. 

The induction seals are found on pharmaceutical products and THC products, or every other item that has a longer shelf life. These are tamper-evident materials and can alert the consumers if the product was tampered with. The best thing about induction seals is that they prevent product leaking while preserving freshness. 

Tamper Evident Tape

Yes, there are specially-curated tamper-evident tapes that are widely used for packing the THC products when a large shipment needs to be transported. The tamper-evident tapes are designed with the security seal for the shipping boxes, pallets, containers, and crates. When this tape is applied to the box, it cannot be removed without showing that the box has been tampered. In addition, these tapes can be printed with different messages. 


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