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After Dinner Speakers: Who are They and Why Do People Book Them?

After dinner speaker

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People host different parties, including Christmas parties, award ceremonies, networking events, etc.  In most of these events, planners find after dinner speakers to add a touch of glamour and something extra special to a function.  Good after dinner speakers attract many attendees and give your guests more reasons to stay around after.

An after dinner speech is one of the most difficult to deliver, whether for a big company event or a small dinner for clients.  So then, what is the secret of picking a great after dinner speaker?  There are several sites that have made booking an after dinner speaker for your event easier.

This article will tell you who after dinner speakers are and why you should book them.

Who is an After Dinner Speaker?

An after dinner speaker is an inspirational, entertaining person that event planners bring in to deliver head-turning speeches after serving the main course.  These speakers share their experiences and life lessons infused with humor to add a unique quality to their engagement with your clients.  Therefore aside from delivering a killer speech, the speaker entertains your guests.  Indeed an after dinner speaker is a go-to for a night of amusement.

Why Should I Book an After Dinner Speaker?

As mentioned above, an after dinner speaker is meant to entertain your audience.  Actually, an event is measured as memorable based on audience engagement.  Because of that, event organizers book after dinner speakers to make sure their audience is captivated up to the end.  The speaker creates a well-rounded experience in collaboration with catering and décor.

These speakers deliver speeches driven by their life stories as opposed to providing business insight or discussing industry trends.  They want your guests to learn from their exciting careers and unique experience.

It’s not easy to pick an after dinner speaker.  An event planner has to factor in the overall theme of the occasion before handpicking a speaker.  However, a good speaker complements the target audience, and the atmosphere, among others.  A famous speaker builds excitement for your occasion and drives ticket sales.

What Should I Look for in an After Dinner Speaker?

Engaging: Event planners hire after dinner speakers to keep their guests engaged throughout the presentation.  A good speaker should hold the audience’s attention as well as keep them interested in what they say.

Humorous: The speaker should make your guest laugh because this is what will make your function or party enjoyable.  The speaker should use a humorous approach to break the ice and make your guest laugh.

Knowledgeable: Your after dinner speaker should have a lot to share with the audience even as they keep things light-hearted.  Their speech should be informative and make your event more memorable for everyone involved.

Stay Sober: A good after dinner speaker should be able to stay sober throughout the event because they need their wits about themselves.  They can achieve that by not sipping wine.

So are you planning a networking event, party, or conference?  Choose an after dinner speaker with a proven track record of keeping guests entertained during after dinner speeches.

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