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7 Benefits of Llumar Window Tint

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At some time in their life, one in five Americans will get skin cancer, according to current projections. Almost 9,500 People receive a skin cancer diagnosis every day.

Do you know that drivers are more likely to acquire skin cancer on their left side since it receives more direct sunlight?

Tinted window film may shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and regulate the interior temperature of your car by obstructing these ra

Choosing where to start might be challenging because there are so many different brands and solutions for automobile tinting available. One of the most well-known tinting products on the market today is LLumar window tint.

Nonetheless, because to the company’s exceptional reputation for reliability and honesty, only licenced

1. Cooling Power

It might get uncomfortably warm if your car has been roasting in the summer sun in a parking lot. The length of time you spend driving might also be impacted by the heat. Although it is beneficial, air conditioning can reduce the performance and increase fuel consumption of your car.

LLumar  tinting  offers various levels of comfort. These will aid in cooling surfaces that are often too hot to touch for the ceramic tint. While dyed tint also provides heat relief, it lacks modern technologies.

With the dyed tint, decreasing the brightness increases cooling power. Cooler interior temperatures can be achieved using metalized tint.

2. UV Protection

Most automobiles’ primary glass doesn’t completely filter the sun’s UV radiation. Skin deterioration from prolonged contact occurs in addition to the fading of automobile upholstery, cracking, and warping of other interior finishes.

LLumar window tint helps protect you, your loved ones, and the inside of your car from sun damage by blocking a significant portion of the harmful UV rays.

3. Added Privacy

There are several reasons to keep the interior of your automobile hidden from curious eyes. These consist of an expensive sound system, parking in an area with insufficient lighting, and a propensity to leave things in the car overnight.

Window tint helps to safeguard possible valuables by making it harder to view inside your car. There are several distinct charcoal colours of LLumar tint that offer various degrees of seclusion. They fluctuate in colour from clear to very black to a faint tint of grey.

The majority of states have regulations limiting how dark an automobile’s window tint may be. When deciding on the shade you want to install, make sure you are aware of the local laws.


To ensure durability, LLumar vehicle tint is created to high quality standards and regularly tested.

Products made with LLumar tint have a covering that resists scratches. This will shield them from harm both during installation and after. To help the black charcoal colour stay true, color-stable dye has been included into every tint shade.

Most of the lower-quality companies merely apply colour to the surface, which makes them more prone to fade and less long-lasting.

You’ll have several years to enjoy your striking personalised appearance after you decide on LLumar tint. If you decide to go with a transparent tint, you must have faith that it will continue to provide the protection you want while appearing undetectable.

5.Safety and Peace of Mind

Safety should always come first when driving. This indicates that you should put a tint to assist block the sun’s glare.

Many individuals are unaware that glare might cause mishaps when you can’t see well. Indeed, it’s been proven that when it’s sunny, accidents rise by 16%.

You may avoid accidents caused by glare by using tinted windows to reduce glare and maintain a clean line of sight.

The automobile glass is given an additional layer by auto tint, which helps the glass remain intact in the case of an accident. While it may not be the sole benefit of installing the tint, it regularly provides you peace of mind while transporting your loved ones.

6. Custom Style

One of the most economical ways to personalise a car is using LLumar window tint. The many tint hue options make it simple to select the precise personalised design you want for your automobile.

Window tint contributes to the attractive finish of your automobile. It gives the automobile a slick, glossy appearance as if it had just left the dealership.

Remember that the deeper the tint will be the lower the VLT % when selecting a variety of tint colours. By choosing LLumar tint, you may achieve the amount of privacy, appearance, and tint percentage required by law in your state.

8. Resale Car Value

Window tinting might be advantageous if you decide to sell your automobile. Every dealership should have a standard requirement that all automobiles be in excellent condition. Tinting contributes to the certainty that potential buyers will be drawn to the vehicle and may raise the resale price.

Reap the Benefits of LLumar Window Tint

Now that you are aware of the various advantages of the LLumar window tint  you can locate a reliable installation in your area. Also, any certified LLumar dealer company will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the task correctly.

All About Tint is committed to offering window films made with cutting-edge technology and top-notch installations. Our installers have the necessary training in the most recent equipment and installation methods to guarantee a high-quality installation.

St. Augustine, St. Johns County, and Jacksonville are among the regions we cover.

For a free quotation and consultation, get in touch with us immediately.


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