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What Is a Man-in-the-Middle Attack, and How Can You Protect Yourself from It

The internet plays a crucial role in our lives, encompassing financial transactions, communication, and entertainment. We rely on it for various aspects of our daily routines, from financial transactions to communication and entertainment. However, this convenience comes with a significant threat: cyberattacks. Protecting our sensitive information from cybercriminals has become crucial. One major cyber threat…

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Mac

One of the reasons that I love Apple computers so much is that they are quality products that continue to perform at a very high level for a long period of time. They are not only dependable and durable, but also extremely easy to use and maintain. But over time, all computers – no matter the brand…

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ios features perfect

6 iOS Features Perfect for Students

Being a student these days means living in a wonderful time of technology and innovation that provides them with a plethora of exciting opportunities. Respectively, it also means relying on these technologies and innovations a lot in your day-to-day life. In today’s world, students are well-equipped for success. They have access to a huge variety…

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The Physical Book Problem

Image from Candida Höfer’s book, “Libraries” Last week I was a little bit stressed out. The baby was crying non-stop, deadlines were on my mind and a big hiccup came down the pike with one of my major clients. I decided to go to the local library to spend some time by myself in a…

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Well-known global smartphone company OUKITEL introduced WP19  world’s first biggest battery rugged smartphone, which is designed to sustain the unpredictable tough environments that regular phones can not withstand. Apart from the impressive battery, it is also equipped with 8GB RAM & 256GB ROM storage, latest night vision camera, and more. This is an ultra-military-grade rugged…

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