OS X Quick Tip: Quickly Change your Desktop Image w/ Safari 3

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quicktip.jpgYou can change your Desktop background image in a variety of ways…most of which require you to launch your System Preferences an use the Desktop Preferences panel, but – with Safari 3 – there is a much quicker way to do this.

Simply take any image that you want to use for your Desktop Image, and drag it to your Safari 3 icon. The image will open in Safari, and you can control-click it and select Use Image as Desktop Picture from the pop-up menu.

Note: This works in Safari 3 only. It will not work in previous versions of the browser.

Thanks to Jeff for sending this in!

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One thought on “OS X Quick Tip: Quickly Change your Desktop Image w/ Safari 3

  1. Thanks a lot Michael for this very useful tip. I used to drag the photo I want to iPhoto and then use iPhoto to set it as a desktop. You have made my life much easier. Thanks to you and Jeff.

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