Macworld Day One – “The Road to San Francisco”

I’m not a very good driver. I don’t have accidents, or run into people, or break the speed limit, or anything like that. I just don’t do terribly well with directions, and I don’t actually care for the act of driving.

So when I do have to drive, I tend to get lost – even with an iPhone, a blue dot, and a purple line to follow. Especially in larger cities. Last night, as I made may way to DFW to begin the journey to San Francisco, I found myself lost in Downtown Ft. Worth. Luckily, I just had to recalculate my trip, and the iPhone had me back where I needed to be in no time.

Then I managed to miss an exit, and get lost again.

Once again, I fired up the iPhone, and made my way back on course. Eventually, I found my brother’s house (where I’m leaving my car — $17 a day for parking can eat me), who then took me to the airport.

They tell you to be there two hours ahead of time – but that was completely unnecessary at 4:00 am. I did it anyway, though…just in case. Of course, there were only a handful of people there – and the check-in terminals weren’t even open. After waiting for about 30 minutes they opened up, and I was the 3rd one in line. 5 minutes later I was through the security check point, and watching a cop roll around on a Segway.

It was kind of funny, sitting in the terminal, to see ads for the Samsung “Behold”, the Blackberry “Storm”, and the Samsung “Instinct” – all trying very hard to look like iPhones…and all looking very much like knock-offs. I think the Storm does the best job of looking a little different. Both of Samsung’s products just look like cheap knock offs. At least the “Storm” has a little bit of its own personality.

So after a realitively smooth morning I found myself on a very old plane, that had a very bumpy ride. Once I arrived in Phoenix things got even more fun…as the flight to San Francisco was delayed by 45 minutes. As I type this now I am at the Phoenix Airport waiting to board the plane…

UPDATE: After a long series of delays I finally managed to get to San Francisco about 10 hours after I started the journey. Luckily, after getting here, things went much more smoothly. I managed to grab my media badge without incident, and am looking forward to the Keynote in the morning.



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  1. whoa now this really is an oldskool blog, where did the last few minutes of my life go and why ?
    Tell you what I did today, took a crap, made a cup of tea, had a hand shandy, then read this crap. Cheers.

  2. I’m sorry, but in this day and age, getting lost is more about being lazy and inattentive than anything else. I mean, come on! DFW has to be one of the easiest airports to get in and out of. Get off the iPhone and focus on your driving.

  3. @Scott

    Hey Scott – go to hell.

    The only thing I use my iPhone for is directions and I wasn’t going to DFW you jackass. It says clearly in the article that I was going to my brother’s house. I’d never been there before. I wasn’t being lazy – the iPhone directions lead me to downtown Ft Worth but didn’t tell use the street names that they have on the signs.

  4. Re: Go to Hell

    I’m so used to polite blog writers that I spit all over my screen and woke my sleeping wife. (I think it was the “Hey Scott” that got me.)


    F him and his lack of reading skills. Talk about lazy and inattentive.