Are We Going to Get Smudge-Resistant Sapphire Screens From Apple?

smudge-resistant sapphire screens

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This is how my iPad Mini Retina looks. Obviously, the games I play tend to concentrate on certain spots on the screen. And, despite my habit of cleaning my devices regularly – at least once a week – I still get these smudges.

smudge-resistant sapphire screens

How does yours compare?

While it does not really bother me all that much (okay, that’s not altogether true – I’m going on a cleaning spree after this post), it would be really nice to have smudge-resistant screens on the iPhone and the iPad.

And, we just might get that in the future!

If Apple’s patent for “Oleophobic Coating on Sapphire” is any indication, the guys at Cupertino want to produce devices that will get rid of that smudging problem.

We’ve heard rumors about sapphire screens for the longest time, and we’ve also read about how sapphire glass is not economically feasible. But who knows?

If this patent application goes through, and if Apple’s engineering team figures out a way to coat the screens in a more effective way, then we might very well be treated to smudge-resistant sapphire screens in our lifetime.

First world problems? Maybe. But it sure would be nice to NOT see all those smudges and realize just how sweaty (and/or greasy) your fingers get despite all the handwashing you do.

Just for fun: based on those fish-shaped smudges (for the life of me, I don’t know how those shapes came about), what game do you think I play most of the time on the iPad?

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