Zune Ad: Possibly the strangest thing you will ever see

This is just plain freaky. Apple has nothing to worry about if this how Microsoft is planning on advertising the Zune:

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. I completely understand it…. it’s about the social networking feature, and sharing things. If you try really really hard and grunt and strain, you’ll be able to share one of your many songs with someone. It’s probably the most honest Microsoft ad out there.

  2. it’s so odd that we’re talking about it, which is good in the marketing sense (because we’re talking about it), but i think that’s all it has going for it!

    i’ll stay with my ipod tyvm!

  3. I truly thought that the big fellow was going to shit out the Zune when they focused on his ass. I was disappointed that it didn’t happen. That would have been so appropriate!
    Poor Microsoft. They are trying so hard… 😉

  4. I actually quite like the idea, although perhaps using the line ‘Welcome to the social’ would have helped with first view understanding. Secondly, the little guy did look like a deformed todger at the beginning, and I agree with gRen about the shitting out the Zune part. Why the close-up on the arse?