YouTube Find: Mad TV’s iPod Nano commercial Parody

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MadTV is not a funny show. It’s just plain not. I haven’t found anything funny about the show since the first few seasons back in the 90s. Still, they recently got an Internet boost with their iRack sketch, and they’re back to do another Apple parody that while basically bashing the company throughout the entire bit, wraps up at the end by making fun of PCs so that us Apple fan-sites will post this video.

So – I posted it.

Why? Because some of you will get a kick out of it I’m sure. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “YouTube Find: Mad TV’s iPod Nano commercial Parody

  1. Definitely not really funny, but true! I still like McDonald’s Stuart Larkin sketches; too bad Mo left though. I’d agree that MadTV is mostly lame, but then again, so is SNL.

  2. I think the spoof is an accurate reflection. Apple is great at their marketing strategy . . . always leaving you wanting more, but what better compliment could you pay than to have a company whos devices are always fresh, new, exciting, and in demand? The spoof is great because, like all comedy, it is based on truth.

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