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woz.jpgGizmodo spoke with Woz about his favorite features in mobile phones, and they seem to be surprised that he’s into G3 phones…which the Giz folks were quick to point it is sorely lacking from the first generation iPhone.

Woz also shows off a very cool phone that he’s carrying around with him right now, that is very similar to a flip iPod.

Take a look.

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  1. In South Africa, we have a very strange situation. Because of a landline monopoly, more people have mobile phones. And we’re talking about 80% of the population here. Not only that, but 3G over the mobile is cheaper than broadband via fixed line!!! So, guess what the average South African looks for as one of the first features a phone should have? 3G! Ouch, no iPhone for us then, not the first generation though…

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