Windows Mobile 6.5 launches with “Skymarket”

Mobile competition is heating up. Today Microsoft unveiled their updated Windows Mobile 6.5. The design completely revises the main interface of the platform, which now features a “honeycomb” home screen design, and zune-like menus.

Microsoft also revealed their “Skymarket” – their own version of the App Store. The OS update also includes both Flash and Silverlight plugins and an updated version of IE, that now functions as a much better HTML based web browser.

All this serves to stiffen the mobile competition, for Apple.



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  1. I really don’t think it does anything to Apple. Coming from a Windows Mobile OS before the iPhone, I was continually frustrated with the fact that third party apps would not work with my phone because I did not have the right hardware. IMHO, Windows Mobile OS is on too many phones with too many different hardware configs to make an AppStore a viable option.

    Heck, the issues I had with ringtones alone was enough for me to chuck the old phone at the wall numerous times.