Widget Watch: NOAA Weather Center

noaaweathercenter.jpgLiving in Texas, the weather is an issue. Besides the fact that it feels like the surface of the sun here in the summer, in the spring, it never fails that at least once, the family has to crawl into the hallway and hope that a tornado doesn’t come blow us all way. (I swear, if all our family wasn’t here, we’d move to just about ANYWHERE else)…

So…it’s important to keep up with Weather Alerts, and the default Apple weather widget, while cool, just doesn’t do that.

Enter the NOAA Weather Center. This thing is an awesome Weather Center for your Dashboard. It will give you your forecast, alerts, radar, and current weather, all from your Dashboard.

So, as long as the Wi-Fi works, I’ll be able to monitor the tornadoes that come by and attempt to kill us. Yippie!

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