Wall Street Journal: Stating the Obvious again

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You know, I don’t have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. That’s because I’m poor, and I don’t need to pay for their content when someone else will just reprint it for me on their site, crediting them immensely. Case in point: WSJ’s article, Apple Sees New Money in Old Media piece, repopped by CNNMoney. Here’s the gist:

Apple is selling a tablet. It’s going to also sell magazines, newspapers and textbooks on that tablet, and change the publishing industry the same way they changed music.

Sometimes, I wish I could curse on this site, just so that I could tell you all how I really feel.

For lack of a better word, DUH.Of course Apple is going to pitch to magazines, newspapers and textbooks, because that’s the type of media that a tablet would work best for. Every college kid worth their Phish shirt has an iPod, and if they could have one device that cost $800 that saved them $4000 in buying individual textbooks over the course of their college career AND play movies AND do homework AND save them visits to the chiropractor from carrying those heavy things, then why wouldn’t they buy it? Hell, I went to college 10 years ago and I never saw a single laptop in my class. Now all I see on TV are laptops on college campuses, and why not? Makes sense, right?

IF this Unicorn Tablet exists – which I believe it does – and if it is being announced on the 27th – which I believe it is – then of COURSE it’s going to try to take on the Kindle, print media, and anything else that could clutter up the top of a toilet or the desk of a student. It’s like saying that a hot girl in a bikini would rather swim in water than in lard. It’s just so obvious that I’m shocked it even needs to be printed.

With all this fervor over a mythical device that no one but Steve Jobs and his staff have potentially seen, I kinda hope that on the 27th Steve comes out with an iPod Touch with a camera, then walks away with a big grin, knowing that he had the entire media in his hands for a month. Now THAT would be a story worthy of print.

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