Video Proof of 30gig iDisk Storage – Update coming at Macworld?

It seems pretty clear after watching this video that in Windows, iDisk is reading 30gigs of storage. Apple seems to have been able to hide this upgrade in OSX, but the video evidence below shows that it’s there.

Expect a much needed upgrade of .mac at Macworld on Tuesday.

via YouTube

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. You know you can make your own iDisk right? Theres nothing saying this isn’t a custom iDisk. I have one thats 200GB.

  2. Actually I did not know that, I don’t use .Mac. – I don’t think it’s worth it.

    Could it be a custom with it showing up in OSX as 125 mb then immediately flipping over to Windows and it being 30 gigs?

  3. Come on, read the Youtube comments about this video. They point out that this is a Windows glitch that is measuring the maximum POSSIBLE size of the iDisk, not the actual size. That’s the problem with embeding the video rather than linking to the Youtube page.