Video Flashback: 07 Music Event – Introduction to the iPod Touch

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In just a few days Apple is going to introduce us to the 2nd generation iPod Touch. Out of curiosity, I decided to head over to YouTube to look at last year’s event to see how the iPod Touch was introduced (since I had mostly forgotten). After watching it – its clear why I forgot – there isn’t much new showcased in this video.

For those of us that write about Apple everyday, we’d been slammed with the iPhone OS and how it worked for months and months before this announcement. By that time, we even had them in our pockets. So spending 20 minutes showing us features we already knew how to use was just a little boring.

The biggest announcements for the iPod Touch then were great battery life, and world wide shipping. The price was pretty good too compared to the iPhone at the time.

So what will the 2nd gen model bring us? Will it be more of the same? Or have they been holding out on some iPhone OS features to give the iPod Touch presentation a little more pizzaz?

I don’ t know – but luckily, we don’t have long to wait.

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