Upgrade Your iPhone 4 With Stainless Steel

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Sure, it’s a major design flaw, but I’m a big fan of the stainless steel band around the perimeter of the iPhone 4. I’m also a fan of the glass front and back, but petrified that I’m going to break it from an errant drop somewhere along the way. One company is offering something which may help in drops, and also looks cool as a bonus.

It’s called Leaf, and it’s a stainless steel skin that adheres to the back of your iPhone 4 with a double-sided adhesive. It comes in four different patterns, each with its own look, and sells for $29.95.

I’m not really sure if it can offer decent protection, because the sides of the glass back are still exposed. I think it might help if the iPhone was dropped onto a stone or something similar that hit the middle of the skin, but otherwise, it’s mostly decoration. That said, it’s very pretty decoration, and it’s a cool way to set apart your iPhone from the rest.

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