Twitterific 2.0 public Beta now open

twitter2.jpgAre you getting sick of Twitter yet? Well, I’m not. Iconfactory has released a public beta of Twitterific 2.0 and it is a vast improvement over the already awesome Twitterific 1.1.

You can now favorite tweets that you want to reference later among other things….

* Twitterrific can now update your iChat/Adium/Skype status using your last tweet. Select the “Update chat status” preference in the configuration panel and the status in all running chat applications will be updated (though note that AIM/iChat apparently only allow a total of 44 characters, including spaces, for available statuses. Away messages don’t seem to have this limit though)
* The main window snaps to the edge of the screen
* Tweets can be marked as a favorite by clicking on the tweet’s heart icon
* Added Cmd-2 to send a response to the author of the selected tweet
* Added Cmd-D to send a direct message to the author of the selected tweet
* The text of the tweet is no longer truncated. The size of the tweet view adapts to the length of the tweet
* and much, much more!

Cool stuff. You can download the public beta by checking out this tweet…and if you want to hang out with me on Twitter, click here. If you haven’t tried it yet…it’s addicting…I’m not even sure I can tell you why…but it is. You’ll love it.

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